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Physical Fault

Expoint Bonus: 4/10/18

The opposite extreme of the Child fault. You are considered past your prime for your race and culture, although the exact effects of this Fault depend upon your level of age, as follows:

Over the Hill

Expoint Bonus: 4

You've passed the midpoint of your lifespan, (50 years for humans) and those unburdened by age are beginning to doubt your capabilities (−1 penalty to Negotiate and Seduce against anyone at least 1 generation younger). You can still hold your own, but age is catching up to you: your Max Caps in Muscle, Agility, and Endurance is one fewer. You also have 1 fewer Action Point.

Incompatible with: Child, Ancient, Prehistoric


Expoint Bonus: 10

Time's ravages have left their mark on your face as well as your body, and your looks have suffered. By all accounts, you should be on death's doorstep. You are near the end of your race's average lifespan (75 for humans), and anyone younger than Over the Hill has little respect or patience for you (−2 penalty to Negotiate, Seduce and Intimidate). Those irresponsible young whippersnappers, still blessed with keen senses and supple joints… just wait till they're in your shoes, then they won't be so cocky. While your mind may still be sharp, your body isn't what it used to be: your Muscle, Agility, and Endurance Max Caps are now 3 fewer as well. You also have 2 fewer Action Points.

Exception to the Fault: in cultures where elders truly are revered, you will be honored and deferred to — however, you will be expected to provide wisdom, guidance, and leadership, whether you are wise and charismatic or not!

Incompatible with: Contortionist, Child, Over the Hill, Prehistoric, Attractive:Stunning


Expoint Bonus: 18

"Shut up, you old windbag." "Clyde, you warty lizard, you ain't but a day younger than I am!" "Don't matter, younger is younger."

By all accounts, you should've been dead years ago. You're well past the average life expectancy of your race (90 for humans) and are considered by anyone younger than yourself (which is almost everyone) to be a doddering oldster, capable of little more than spooning mush into your toothless maw — you take a −3 penalty to Leadership, Negotiate, Seduce, and Intimidate with anyone who is your junior, and your Max Caps for Muscle, Agility, and Endurance are 5 fewer. You also have 3 fewer Action Points. Needless to say, you have a hard time scoring hot dates. In your favor, you are affected by the Exception noted above, and anyone who's been around as long as you have is bound to have some useful experience. Keep in mind the adage: "Old age and treachery will beat youth and enthusiasm every time."

Incompatible with: Contortionist, Child, Over the Hill, Ancient, Everybody's Best Friend, Girl/Guy Magnet, Attractive:Beautiful, Attractive:Stunning

As if you needed any more reminders of your decrepitude, keep in mind that age is frequently accompanied by any number of Physical Faults, especially poor hearing and vision.