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Lagash glanced across the room. His friend was overwhelmed by a pair of armor-clad soldiers — two against one; hardly fair. He put his fingers to his lips and trumpeted a shrill whistle. The soldiers snapped their heads in his direction just in time to see Lagash raising a blatantly obscene gesture. He dug his hooves into the ground and brandished his horns while they charged in his direction.

Persuasion is, quite simply, the ability to get people to do what you want them to do.

This does not necessarily have to do with how one speaks or acts, but encompasses everything about how someone pulls others' strings.

Persuasion comes in handy when trying to haggle for a better price, planting rumors, teasing opponents, or trying to convince the king he'd be better off naming you as heir.

Characters with poor Persuasion scores can't lie to save their lives, rarely get what they want, and fall short at good come-backs. Characters with a good Persuasion score are manipulative and convincing: they make great liars, negotiators, and insult comics.

Persuasive people are those such as politicians, diplomats, con artists, and The Sirens.