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The raucous tavern brawl came to an abrupt end as Celeste raised her voice in song. It rang out melodic and beautiful. Combatants began to relax and put down their makeshift weapons. All eyes turned their gaze to the songstress, whose otherworldly voice drew out a serenity in the hearts of those listening. She took a small bow and breathed a sigh of relief as her spell activated.

Presence is the measure of how striking a figure you present to the world.

This has a lot to do with physical appearance and body language, but quite a bit to do with how one speaks as well.

Having a good Presence allows a character to deliver flawless performances, intimidate opponents, and assume the guise of another.

A character with a poor Presence score is overlooked, easily-forgettable, completely nonthreatening, and makes a bad public speaker. A character with a good Presence score is always noticed, always remembered, excels at acting and orating, and brings saloons to screeching halts with a step through the door.

Some examples of folks with a strong presence include models, gladiators, motivational speakers, and Zeus.