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Brem stood face to face with the eldritch thing from the Deep Worlds. Boy, it was certainly weird-looking. His pals writhed around on the floor gibbering some nonsense about the end of days. The creature cocked what passed for a head to the side quizzically, then loosed a maddening howl. Brem snarled, unimpressed, and howled right back.

Psyche is a term for the mental and spiritual clarity of a character.

Whenever a character experiences something horrific or traumatic, Psyche is what keeps them grounded and rooted in reality. Psyche also aids in seeing through illusions and detecting supernatural phenomenon.

A character with no Psyche has gone (or maybe always has been) completely raving mad. A character with a poor Psyche score is mentally fragile, easily unhinged, and a prime target for madness. A character with a good Psyche score is mentally stable, able to withstand the freaky and unnatural as if it were commonplace.

Some examples of people with high Psyches include counselors, oracles, mediums, and Odysseus.