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This spell has a perceptive essence
This is a ruin spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Object (remains)
Distance Contact
Lasts N/A

The mage sifts through the remains of a person or object, and using this spell gleans information about the history of the object or person in the form of memory-like scenes. The vividness of the scenes increases per Intensity as follows.

Intensity Effects

  1. Can catch brief, visual glimpses of scenes.
  2. Sound as well as sight are available with the flashes.
  3. Smell is included as well.
  4. Touch and taste are included.
  5. The mage is immersed in the scene and can stay as long as he desires and experiences all five senses. The mage is essentially a ghost and will not be able to change events, only view them.