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Supernatural Trump

Expoint Cost: 5

While you may not be hard to put down, you rarely stay down long. Your wounds close of their own accord, and foreign objects are pushed from your body as it knits itself back together. This may be due to a primordial connection with the planet's natural energies, the sudden emergence of a latent magical power, the result of a government weapons experiment, or simply because you are a certified bad-ass. This means two things. First, you regain HP at a much faster rate than most people, but at the cost of MP. You regain 1 HP per round for each time you take this Trump. For each 5 HP regained in this way, you are drained of 1 MP. When you run out of MP, you cease to regenerate until you rest.

Second, loss of limb need not be permanent. A character with the Regeneration Trump can re-attach missing hands, legs, arms or… other appendages… like toes! In fact, it is not required that the re-attached appendages are the character's own. The limb(s) in question must, however, be humanoid and contain all the necessary skeletal components (bones will fuse, but not regenerate). For instance, Michelle's regenerative character Skorna is fighting a savage cannibal near a cliff. Skorna gets her arm chopped off at the elbow by a swing of her opponent's axe. Alas! Skorna's arm falls off the cliff, never to be seen again, much to the dismay of both of them. This doesn't stop Skorna, who slays her opponent with a slash to the throat from the axe in her other hand. Skorna then amputates her foe's arm and reattaches it to her own. Generally, this aspect of regeneration doesn't have anything to do with how many HP the character has. The GM has final call on how long reattaching and regaining use of limbs takes.

Incompatible with

Battle Scar, Unarmed, Missing Hand/Arm, Poor Vision (when missing an eye), Slow Healer, Aura of Decay. Also incompatible with Fabricated creatures and Undead creatures. Fast Healer and Regeneration are compatible, but their effects are exclusive (Fast Healer does not cause Regeneration to heal double the HP).


A minimum Self-Control of 4