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Typically used with: Agility.

Mounted travel is preferred by 5 out of 5 dentists when compared to walking on foot. To those who wish to take full advantage of the efficiency of their mount as well as maintain control when unfavorable circumstances arise, the Ride skill is indispensable.


The difficulty for riding maneuvers not listed here should be determined on a situational basis by the GM. Below are a few examples:

Example DL
Steadying your arm for a ranged attack while mounted (1 AP; firing without a steadied arm means a −6 penalty to the Attack Roll) 10
Urge mount to leap (failure results in being thrown) 15
Roll safely from the back of a mount slain in battle 18
Staying on a mount which is panicking or attempting to throw you off 20
Attempting to mount and control a wild animal, bareback 25

The following table lists situational bonuses and penalties to the Ride check.

Example Check
Mount is exotic −5
Mount is Malign or Hostile (negative disposition) −5
Mount is Benign or Friendly (positive disposition) +5
Extensive knowledge of mount (4 or more ranks of Lore: Monsters or Lore: Animals) +2
Vocational experience (4 or more ranks of a relevant Occupation, such as Breeder, Trainer, or Herder) +2

For more information on disposition, see the Negotiate and Animal Control skills.


Most retries involving the Ride skill cannot be attempted without the expenditure of a Fate point, because a failed attempt usually means the rider is thrown off, or the mount is otherwise injured.