Rogue Spellcasting

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There are those who shun the institutions of magical learning. They rely on their own self-discovery to master their volatile talents. They are known as rogue magi.

If a rogue mage submits him or herself to training in an academy and passes the required tests, he or she may trade their ranks in the Spellcasting (Rogue) Special Power for ranks in the Spellcasting one. In the case of Damned, this is an extreme rarity as those who have trained themselves to use magic in this way usually turn themselves in before this point.



Expoint Cost: 1 point

You were born with the mark of Triadus and therefore have been subject to a life of training in the magical arts. It has long been held that the descendants and favored of the house of Triadus carry the blood of Dragons, the founders and keepers of magic. These magi are known as Innocents. This rank allows you to cast any spell you know at Intensity 1.


Expoint Cost: 2 points

A Wanted spellcaster has learned to cast their spells at Intensity 2 outside of an established academy. This is highly illegal and Seekers from every academy will attempt to bring you to justice by any means necessary should your abilities become known.


Expoint Cost: 4 points

These spellcasters have surely gained the enmity of at least one Seeker, having learned to cast their spells at Intensity 3. These characters are encouraged to take the Hunted fault as well.


Expoint Cost: 7 points

Each academy has a list of every known Damned spellcaster. These poor souls rarely last longer than a year as they are relentlessly pursued by Seekers specially trained to destroy rogue magi. This rank allows you to cast any spell you know at Intensity 4.

5. N/A

Rogue magi are incapable of learning how to cast Intensity 5 spells, both because it is very difficult, and because they are probably dead by this point.