Safe Haven

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This spell has a mutative essence
This is a verdance spell
This is a earth spell
Rarity 3
AP 60
Target N/A
Distance N/A
Lasts From casting time until an hour after inside creatures awake

Calling upon the forces of magic for aid, the mage requests a safe haven for rest and recovery. The earth opens up and envelops the mage (and at certain Intensities, a number of his allies). The mage is effectively absorbed into an enclosed cave. The cave has enough oxygen to sustain those inside for an entire night, as well as food in the form of edible fungi, lichens, and roots. Phosphorescent vegetation provides soft light and the entire space is warm. After a full night's rest, the occupants find an open entranceway to leave. Once all occupants leave, the ground reseals itself. If the occupants do not leave within an hour of waking, they risk being buried alive as the cave reseals itself. The amount of people that can fit in the cave is dependent on the Intensity.

Intensity Effects

  1. The mage alone
  2. The mage and an extra being
  3. The mage and three beings
  4. The mage and six beings
  5. The mage and ten beings