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Typically used with: Charm.

In short: entice them. For you, it doesn't take more than a smile. Characters with ranks in Seduce could charm the pants off anybody. It helps you make bribes, forge friendships, and "meet hot singles in your area now." Courtesans, spies, and crime bosses are natural born users of the Seduce skill.

You may use Seduce against any creature of an elemental, humanoid, or legendary Nature. You may also attempt to use Seduce against any fabricated, plantlike, or undead creature with an Intellect higher than 1.


While you can use an Intimidate check to coerce someone into action, you can use a Seduce check to lure them into following your suggestions (or following you home) in return for a reward. There's no point in tempting allies into obeying your commands — anyone whose Disposition is benign or better will help you anyway. Make a Seduce check opposed by their Virtue check. If your check is higher, the creature gives into temptation and follows your advice despite their better judgement. Each attempt generally takes a few minutes. Once you leave, they may come to regret what they've done at your behest, but their Disposition toward you isn't changed.

For this to be carried out successfully, you need to present desirable rewards for their compliance. If you're trying to get a politician to back your cause, bring a sack full of coins. To recruit nobles into your conquering army, offer them positions of power. You can even offer up your services as a reward, as most people need things done for them (or to them, you pervert). Be careful when you tempt others into submission. Bribery, adultery, and prostitution might be crimes depending on your location.

In combat, you can tempt your opponent into surrendering, holding their fire, or letting you go. This action takes 4 AP. See the "Diplomacy" entry in the Socializing section of Chapter 10: Combat.


Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet; it's easy to make friends when you're charming! You can even get a sworn enemy to change their mind about you. To improve another creature's Disposition toward you, make a Seduce check. They roll a Virtue check. If your result is higher, you may improve their Disposition. For each 5 points of difference, you improve the creature's Disposition by one level. If your check is a Critical Failure, you actually worsen their Disposition by one level. You can only attempt this once per day per creature. Each attempt generally takes a few minutes.


By turning up the charm and shooting an inviting smile across the room, you can capture the gaze of another and keep them fixated on you. Roll a Seduce check opposed by their Virtue check. If your result is higher, they can't help but look your way and gain the distracted condition. If your opponent rolls a Critical Failure, they gain the wide-eyed condition against anyone but you.

The effects last for up to a minute, as long as they're allured by your personality. If something interrupts your flirtation and catches your opponent's attention, the effects end.

Collecting Information

You can make a Seduce check to gather the names on others' lips. Through your engaging and charismatic behavior, you flit and flirt about town as a social butterfly, expertly turning the conversation to the topics you're interested in. The higher the result, the more obscure the information you can gather. Visiting with the populace takes several hours. If you opt to Take the Best on this check, it could take days.

Example DL
The location of major landmarks, names of local celebrities 5
Current events, rumors, and gossip 10
The location of a specific individual, item, or place 15
Guarded, illegal, or illicit information (e.g. where to buy stolen goods, how to break into a particular building) 20
Highly secret, personal, or valuable information (e.g. who the king's mistress is, where the rebel hideout is, the route the princess takes when she ventures into the city) 30