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Social Fault

Expoint Bonus: 4

You don't make good impressions. In fact, you make decidedly bad ones. Those who see you immediately think less of you and see you as an unsavory element. They may avoid you, run from you, alert authorities as to your presence, spy on you, mock you, or attack you, but they will rarely help you. You may be deformed, scarred, branded as a criminal, or simply have an air about you that says you are no good. Strangers you meet start out with a Disposition of malign. Your comrades will probably want to keep you out of sight while negotiations are in order.

Interesting combinations include Massive, Cursed, Deformity, Unappealing, Owned, Hunted, etc.

Incompatible with

Attractive, Born to Haggle, Everybody's Best Friend, Girl/Guy Magnet, Stage Presence, and Unremarkable.