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This spell has a mutative essence
This is a earth spell
This is a ruin spell
This is a sound spell
Rarity 2
AP 4
Target Area
Distance Near
Lasts N/A

The mage creates a wave of force which causes any objects made of an earth-like material (e.g. brick, glass, ceramic, crystalline) to crack, shatter, and crumble. Any earth creature or any solid object that is magical or being worn gets to make a save against the mage's Casting Roll to resist destruction. This spell affects an area of 5 feet in radius for every Spell rank. If an earth creature targeted by the spell fails the save, it takes the difference as damage. The mage can shatter an amount of objects equal to the Casting Roll in pounds (e.g. a mage with a Casting Roll of 28 can shatter 28 1-pound objects, or 14 2-pound objects). Extra oomph is added to the roll per intensity.

Intensity Effects

  1. +2 Spell Harm
  2. +4 Spell Harm
  3. +6 Spell Harm
  4. +8 Spell Harm
  5. +10 Spell Harm