Spirit Blast

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You can wield the very ki inside you as a weapon, and combat foes with tangible concentrations of spirit energy. These bursts of power can either be directed alone as a ranged attack, or delivered as bonus damage along with a weapon attack.

To enact a Spirit Blast, you must Harness one or more Spirit Points (taking 3 AP for each as normal). Instead of conferring a +2 bonus to a check for each point, this will add +5 Harm to your Damage Roll. The Spirit Blast delivered alone as a ranged attack uses the Thrown Weapon Skill, and does not include any Muscle in the Damage Roll. When the Spirit Blast is delivered during an attack with another weapon (e.g. thrown javelin, bow, hand-to-hand, sword), simply add the bonus Harm.

Spirit Blast attacks are often times unique to a school of martial arts, or to an individual. Since these techniques are learned or developed, a player is encouraged to give specific names and descriptions to their different ki-related offensive abilities.


Harness Spirit


1. Ki Novice

5 points

Your weapon glows faintly while you focus your ki. You can Harness 1 SP for +5 Harm.

2. Ki Adept

5 points

Your entire body noticeably glows while your spirit power is collected. You can Harness 2 SP for +10 Harm.

3. Ki Virtuoso

5 points

A bright nimbus of spirit power surrounds you as you channel your inner strength. You can Harness 3 SP for +15 Harm.

4. Ki Expert

5 points

The very ground beneath you seems to burst with power as you concentrate. You can Harness 4 SP for +20 Harm.

5. Ki Master

5 points

The ground shakes and the heavens rumble as you summon the very energy of the cosmos. Harness 5 SP for +25 Harm.