Steal Soul

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This spell has a stygian essence
This is a dark ritual
Target Creature
Ritual Points 100
RequirementsEvent (new moon), Mana, Wealth

This vile ritual can only be performed on the night of a new moon. It is used to rip one's very soul from the body and keep it captive. The target must be motionless, and the dark mages performing the ritual must lay hands on them. An extracted soul can be imprisoned in a receptacle such as a glass bottle or a hollow crystal. Once the soul is extracted, the body crumbles into dust. If the receptacle is broken, the soul is freed and passes on.

A mage with ranks in either the Dark or Light elemental skill are able to touch an object and determine if it's housing a soul and even communicate with it. The longer a soul is imprisoned, the more tenuous its grip on reality. Souls imprisoned for decades seem insane. Souls imprisoned for centuries are incomprehensible.

The soul itself has power, and mages who possess trapped souls could tap into very powerful magics indeed.