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Physical Fault

Expoint Bonus: 4/8

Man… you stink. Because of halitosis, body odor, a dip in the Swamp of Everlasting Flatulence, or who knows what else, you exude a rather unpleasant smell. You might even look beautiful, but it won't make up for the stink, and so folks will always keep their distance. As much as you may try, no amount of perfume or mouthwash in the world seems to be able to counter your unique aroma which wafts around you in a five foot radius. This fault brings penalties to the following skills unless the target is also stinky or cannot smell you: Animal Control, Negotiate, Seduce, and Disguise.

For 4 points, you have a slight odor, perhaps bad breath or minor body odor. You take −1 to the listed checks.

For 8 points, you reek: you have revolting breath and/or oppressive body odor. People sometimes gag or retch if around you for long. You take a −2 to the listed checks.

Incompatible with

Everybody's Best Friend, Girl/Guy Magnet, and Unremarkable.