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This spell has a compulsory essence
This is a electricity spell
This is a sound spell
Rarity 1
AP 2
Target Creature
Distance Near
Lasts N/A
SaveMind Control

The mage redirects the electrical impulses in a creature's brain, rendering a spoken command that is issued to the creature absolute. The target of the spell must be able to hear and understand your language. You don't need to see their identification; these are not the Gear Golems you're looking for.

Intensity Effects

  1. The mage can issue one word commands (e.g. "sleep", "leave", "sneeze")
  2. The mage can issue two word commands (e.g. "drop that", "attack her", "sit down")
  3. The mage can issue three word commands (e.g. "give me that", "sheathe your sword")
  4. The mage can issue a one-sentence command (e.g. "Stay here and make sure he doesn't leave")
  5. The mage can issue a command of any length and detail, including sequential instructions.