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New Powers

  • Temporal Adept – Jurens are very conscious of the flow of time. Using celestial bodies and plain old gut feeling, Jurens can determine the exact time until sunrise or sunset. They can also determine cardinal direction very easily. They receive a +2 bonus to Search checks to navigate above ground.
  • Unrelenting: A juren is capable of walking extremely long distances, even while carrying a load. +4 to Stamina to avoid any movement-related exhaustion.
  • Written in the Stars – Throughout history, jurens have looked to the heavens to forecast impending doom. If a juren can see the stars in the night sky, he receives a +2 bonus to Clairvoyance checks to precognitively determine whether an action will end badly or has ended badly.

Societal Powers: Choose one of the following.

  • Calculating – The concepts behind mathematics, astronomy, and physics are the stock-in-trade of jurens. They receive a +2 to Craft checks involving any kind of calculations or measurements. Typically, this is applicable to big projects like engineering and construction.
  • Stout Body, Stout Mind – Jurens are keenly aware of their own destructive power. Each and every movement is carefully planned before its execution. They receive a +2 bonus to Mind Control checks.
  • Beastmasters – For millennia, the jurens have been domesticating creatures of gigantic size and leveraging their abilities as beasts of burden. Perhaps it's their peaceful nature, their imposing stature, or their vast intellect. In any case, they receive a +2 bonus to Animal Control checks.