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New Powers

  • Cold Blood: A kulgeri's ectothermy grants the ability to operate in extreme temperatures. They can resist hypothermia and hyperthermia much easier than weak, soft-skinned races. They receive a +8 to Stamina checks dealing with hot or cold temperature. The downside is that kulgeris suffer reduced mobility, taking −2 to Dodge, Dash, Gymnastics, and Thievery in such temperatures, but stave off that pesky Knockout.
  • With Teeth: Kulgeris have sharp, pointy chompers. A bite attack causes 2 Harm, takes 3AP, and uses the Hand-to-hand skill.
  • Germ Warfare: Kulgeris harbor extremely virulent bacteria in their mouths and digestive tracts. In addition to the obvious primary damage from a kulgeri bite, bite wounds without proper treatment will become horribly infected (treat as a Level 3 Disease with a Vitality DL of 14, as detailed in the Life and Death chapter). Victims could face gangrene, amputation, and even death (kulgeris themselves are immune to bacterial infection from a kulgeri bite).
  • Tip the Scales: The hide of a kulgeri sports tough scales, granting an innate +2 to Guard.

Societal Powers: Choose one of the following.

  • Wily – Kulgeris are pretty accomplished tacticians and they don't mince words. They receive a +2 bonus to Discern.
  • Maritime – More than any other sentient race, kulgeris are at home in the water. Those from the coasts and river lands learn to employ their tail while swimming, and they receive a +2 bonus to Might and Dash to do so.
  • Iron Gut – Kulgeris eat all kinds of meat in varying stages of decay. They're known to have cast iron stomachs. They receive a +2 bonus to Vitality to avoid nausea and food-borne disease.