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Proposed new and updated Special Powers

These are rough, of course, but I wanted to pitch something to you gents, maybe give us something to talk about at D*Con.

Aura of Destruction: character is a force for chaos and entropy. Incompatible with Called. Bonuses are progressive, not cumulative.

Rank I – Widening Gyre (6): +2 to Smash and Machinery checks for the purposes of dismantling and destroying objects. Permanent +1 Damage to all attacks. All healing and repair rolls within a 10' radius are -1.

Rank II – Corruption Incarnate (6): May spend a Fate point to deal Tainted damage with an attack. Permanent +2 Damage to all attacks. All healing and repair rolls within a 20' radius are -2. Requires Aura of Decay.

Rank III – Destroyer of Worlds (6): Critical Successes against objects, including weapons are armor (opponents critically failing Parry and Guard attempts), do double damage. Permanent +3 Damage to all attacks. All healing and repair rolls within a 30' radius are -3. Requires Chaos Knight.

The Devil's Own Luck: Incredible luck, improved Fate and critical potential.

Rank I – Charmed (7): Critical Failures on a Fate reroll are considered natural 2s instead. Maximum Fate increased to 6.

Rank II – Fortune's Favorite Child (7): Spent Fate points affect all rolls within a given round, rather than a single action. Maximum Fate increased to 7.

Rank III – Beloved of the Gods (7): Critical Successes on a roll of 9 or 10. Maximum Fate increased to 8.

Rank IV – Nine Lives (7): May spend a permanent Fate point to avoid certain death (as per the old Trump). Maximum Fate increased to 9.

Empty Body: SP-based manipulation of the self. Requires Harness Spirit and SFC of 6.

Rank I – Fade (2): Expend SP instantly to become translucent and deathly silent. +2 to Stealth per 1 SP spent. Lasts for a number of rounds equal to the character's SFC.

Rank II – Empty Mind (4): Expend SP instantly to defend your consciousness from mental assaults. +1 to all SFC, PSY, and CRG-based checks per point of SP spent in this manner.

Rank III – Ethereal Senses (6): Meditate and expend SP to detect supernatural creatures and effects that are normally invisible. 3 AP to focus and 3 SP are required, after which the character may perceive invisible, astral, and other “Empty” beings. Note that this does not confer the ability to see auras or ignore illusions. Lasts for a number of rounds equal to the character's SFC.

Rank IV – Empty Body (8): as per the old Trump.

Rank V – Spirit Strike (10): Expend SP instantly to render a melee attack immaterial for a split second, bypassing defenses. Every point of SP spent allows the next attack to ignore 1 point of Armor. Attempts to Parry Spirit Strikes are also -1 per point of SP spent to boost the Strike.

Quickness: superhuman feats of speed and agility. Requires Harness Spirit.

Rank I – Sprinter (2): Expend SP instantly to temporarily increase movement speed. +2 to a given Run check per SP spent. Requires min. 5 AGI.

Rank II – Avoidance (4): Expend SP instantly to avoid danger. +1 to Dodge, Parry, or Gymnastics rolls per SP spent. Requires 6 AGI.

Rank III – Lighting Reactions (6): Permanent, passive +2 to Dodge, Reaction, and Run checks. Requires 7 AGI.

Rank IV – Blinding Flurry (8): Expend SP instantly to attack more swiftly. 4 SP spent will reduce the required AP of a weapon (including Hand to Hand attacks) by 1 for one round. This effect may only be applied once per weapon, per round. Requires 8 AGI.

Rank V – Quicksilver (10): Expend SP instantly to increase overall speed in combat. 1 SP = 1 additional, temporary AP that persists until spent as per normal, or until the end of the round. Requires 9 AGI.

Tinscarecrow 20:43, 28 August 2013 (EDT)