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Physical Fault

Expoint Bonus: 20

You possess no arms and cannot engage in any form of combat that requires the use of arms/hands. To inflict harm on another creature you must kick, bite, head-butt, use your body as a ram, or perhaps employ magic. The Hand-to-hand weapon skill can still apply to your feet and head at no penalty. You automatically fail skill checks that require the use of hands and arms such as Grip, Grab, Might, Machinery, and some uses of Thievery for example). You swim poorly, are difficult to Disguise, and don't Seduce others easily. You take −2 on those checks. You cannot wear a backpack. You cannot wield most weapons. You also will have to learn a new way to shave and get someone to wipe for you. Look on the bright side; you can't be disarmed!

Incompatible with

Ambidexterity, Bodyguard, Catch Missile, Dual Weapons, Hasty Reload, Getaway Driver, Girl/Guy Magnet, Iron Grip, Missing Hand/Arm, Missile Swat, Pickpocket, Regeneration, Stranglehold, Suplex, Tech Medic and Unremarkable. Also incompatible with the Hands of Fate Special Power.