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Physical Trump

Expoint Cost: 4

There's absolutely nothing about you that catches the eye. Unless you dress or act to attract attention, you can disappear into a crowd without even trying, and people tend to forget you as soon as you leave their sight. Even your friends and relatives are hard-pressed to provide more than the most general details of your physical description. While it sounds boring, being the epitome of average offers definite benefits in dangerous times. It is nearly impossible to track or identify you based solely upon your appearance, and you gain a +2 bonus to Stealth, Thievery, and Disguise rolls while in a crowd (at least 15 people). Finally, foes will tend to underestimate you in battle, and in any situation where someone is choosing a target at random to attack, you'll be last picked. Note that these bonuses may be negated by your race or ethnicity — the blandest-looking evengar will still stand out in a human village.

Incompatible with

Attractive, Aura of Decay, any prominent Battle Scar, or Deformity, Blind, Girl/Guy Magnet, Lame, Massive, Mistaken Identity, Obese, Shady, Stage Presence, Unappealing, Unarmed, Vertically Challenged, or Walking Target. Compatible with Missing Hand/Arm or Poor Vision (for a missing eye) only if a reasonably real-looking prosthetic conceals the absent appendage/organ.


A maximum Presence of 5