Wall Crawler

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This spell has a mutative essence
This is a ice spell
This is a earth spell
This is a metal spell
This is a slime spell
This is a verdance spell
Rarity 3
AP 4
Target Creature
Distance Near
Lasts 10 minutes per rank

The mage gains the ability to scale different kinds of surfaces just as easily as they would stroll down the street. They can use their newfound stickiness to crawl up and down completely smooth walls and across ceilings, so long as they have at least two limbs free. While this spell lasts, climbing doesn't require a Grip check. Creatures under the effects of this spell can defend themselves normally and are not considered Wide-eyed to attackers. The target of this spell can also Dash while climbing. The granted bonus depends on the Intensity.

Ice mages can only scale surfaces composed of ice and snow. Earth mages can only scale surfaces made of earth-like material (e.g. brick, glass, ceramic, crystalline). Metal mages can only scale metallic surfaces. Verdance mages can only scale organic surfaces (e.g. wood, vines). Slime mages, however, gain a natural adaptation possessed by many insects and amphibians: sticky digits, meaning they can scale any kind of surface.

Intensity Effects

  1. +2 bonus to Dash
  2. +4 bonus
  3. +6 bonus
  4. +8 bonus
  5. +10 bonus