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Supernatural Fault

Expoint Bonus: 7

There is a higher power in the universe, and it is good. You believe this with unwavering conviction, and you consider it your duty to uphold its tenets of light, life, and honor. You may be full of quiet determination or outspoken self-righteousness, but you know what's right and what's wrong, and you always do right. You must make a Virtue roll of 15 to commit any type of crime (breaking and entering, stealing, forgery, deceiving other "good" characters, etc.) "for a good cause," and more serious crimes (arson, wanton destruction, murder, etc.) you must spend a Fate point. Do this too often (GMs discretion, but unless the character is very adept at rationalizing, not more than twice), and you risk becoming Fallen. In addition, you feel compelled to fight darkness and decay in the world wherever you see it, and although many of the Called have been warriors, the cause is served nobly by teachers, healers, priests, and all other manner of people dedicated to life. Against Chaos Knights and most truly evil characters that recognize you as a moral crusader you gain a +2 bonus to Intimidate. If you're persistent enough, you're likely to become Hunted by the powers you're attempting to thwart.

Cowardly and Avaricious characters will have a hard time if they're Called, and Driven or Sadist Called characters will find themselves treading dangerously close to the edge — a challenging but fascinating combination.

Incompatible with

Aura of Decay, Beyond Good and Evil, Chaos Knight, and Perspective.


Angel on Your Shoulder.