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Magic-stones.svg This rule needs to become a Ritual! Give it some story flavor text and some mechanics.
Police brutality.svg This rule just plain sucks. It needs a complete overhaul in order to be useful. We don't want to deprecate it, so get cracking on a revision, slacker!
This spell has a compulsory essence
This is a charm spell
Rarity 2
AP One minute
Target Creatures
Distance Nearby
Lasts One hour/school rank
SaveMind Control

This spell completely dominates the target(s) so that they are completely subservient and under the implicit command of the caster. This spell requires that the targets in question are behaving friendly towards the caster, possibly due to the effects of a Befriend spell. This spell goes beyond the effects of a simple Befriend, however, since whichever commands the caster gives, the dominated creatures will follow, and they still retain much of their original personalities in the process.

Intensity Effects

  1. One creature
  2. Two creatures
  3. Five creatures
  4. Ten creatures
  5. Twenty creatures