Elemental Blast

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This spell has a dynamic essence
This spell can be powered by any element
Rarity 2
AP 3
Target Creature/Object
Distance Far
Lasts N/A
SaveGuard Roll

The mage sends a burst of elemental power rocketing towards a single target. The projectile is comprised of pure energy and is basically intangible, but charged with the aspects of a specific element. The mage makes a Magic Attack Roll. If the target fails its Dodge Roll, the mage makes his Casting Roll, and the target makes its Guard Roll. The bonus this spell grants to the Spell Harm in the Casting Roll depends on the Intensity.

A mage can cast this spell using any of the listed elements, but must buy Elemental Skill ranks in each. Every elemental school has a nickname for this spell.

This is a fire spell Fireball This is a ice spell Snowball This is a earth spell Boulder
This is a air spell Air Blast This is a slime spell Acid Ball This is a metal spell Cannonball
This is a electricity spell Ball Lightning This is a water spell Water Blast This is a verdance spell Radiation
This is a ruin spell Wrecking Ball This is a light spell Sunbeam This is a dark spell Dark Matter

Intensity Effects

  1. +6 Spell Harm
  2. +12 Spell Harm
  3. +18 Spell Harm
  4. +24 Spell Harm
  5. +30 Spell Harm