Elemental Portation

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This spell has a transportive essence
This spell can be powered by any element
Rarity 4
AP 4
Target Self
Distance Self
Lasts N/A

The mage calls upon an elemental to allow him passage between two points. The mage vanishes in a way characteristic of the element involved. For instance, a water mage is liquefied and falls to the ground with a splash, evaporating, and reappearing at the destination with a spray of water. An electricity mage is struck by a bolt of lightning from the sky or ceiling and similarly strikes the ground at the destination. The mage is transported instantaneously, however, the distance the spell can cover is dependent on the Intensity. At low Intensities, this spell is useful to move around battlefields, and at high Intensities, for overland movement.

A mage can cast this spell using any of the listed elements, but must buy Elemental Skill ranks in each. Every elemental school has a nickname for this spell.

This is a fire spell Up in Smoke This is a ice spell Snowdrift This is a earth spell Rock and Roll
This is a air spell Airwalk This is a slime spell Snot Rocket This is a metal spell Steel Away
This is a electricity spell Ride the Lightning This is a water spell Water Slide This is a verdance spell Transplant
This is a ruin spell Wasting Away This is a light spell Traveling Light This is a dark spell Fly by Night

Intensity Effects

  1. 50 feet
  2. 500 feet
  3. 1 mile
  4. 10 miles
  5. 100 miles