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This spell has a stygian essence
This is a all ritual
Target Self
Ritual Points 125
RequirementsSacrifice (self), Wealth, Mana

What better reward could there be for ascending the ladder of sorcery than immortality itself? Any humanoid or legendary creature with the Spellcasting special power can perform this ritual to surrender her mortal body and transform into a lich — an undead thaumaturge of unspeakable power. The archmage must petition one of the twelve elements of magic to sponsor her ascendancy into lichdom. In order to begin the ritual, she must have 10 skill ranks in the element in question. To complete the ritual, she must yield her own soul and imprison it inside a phylactery. At that moment, her body dies and her conscious mind remains bound to it. Once the ritual concludes, the creature's nature changes to undead.

As long as the lich touches its phylactery once per day, it regains all MP. If its phylactery is destroyed, the lich will collapse where it stands as its imprisoned soul moves on. It's for this reason that a lich should carefully protect its phylactery. Anyone who gains possession of a it could basically guarantee the lich's cooperation (if not obedience).