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  • ...aying game is the element of chance. It adds suspense and surprise to the game. It wouldn’t be much fun or very exciting if the players went through th ...people, simple tasks like these don’t require rolls. That’d make the game totally too slow, boring, and complicated – but jumping a chasm, tickling
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  • The Game Master, or GM for short, is god during the duration of a playing session.
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  • #REDIRECT [[Game Master]]
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  • The Game Master, or GM for short, is god during the duration of a playing session.
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  • ...laying Game. The system uses ten-sided dice as the random variable in the game mechanics. ...of rules that would be a welcome break from other, more static Roleplaying Game Systems.
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  • ...of spirit arts can add his [[Self-Control]] score to his total SP. As the game progresses, a spirit artist can further increase his SP total by purchasing
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  • that will use the [[Empyrean System]]. It was a fantasy role-playing game that was awesome. * [[Immortal Legacy]] (which is now the full game at large)
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  • ...s through the storyline, they gain experience, which is represented in the game as Expoints. Expoints are used like game stat currency. You can spend them to increase and augment almost anything a
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  • ...lps give you a reason for playing. There are no "winners" in role-playing games; winning is about having fun. But having a goal can't hurt. There is no
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  • ...rt with [[Jack of All Trades]], although he or she may buy it later in the game.
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  • ...gerous situations. Dice rolls in general, the cornerstone of role-playing games, are a question of Fate. Characters begin the game with 3 Fate Points, and may never have more than 5 Fate Points at any time.
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  • ...lism, some supernatural effect, or a close connection with the planet. In game terms, you heal twice as many [[Health Points]] in the same amount of time
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  • Skills are the very bread and butter of doing something in this role-playing game. Skills represent your character’s knowledge, strengths, and specialties ==Skill game rules==
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  • At the end of every game session, the GM should decide how much experience to give to the players, w At the end of every game session, the GM should decide how many Expoints to award each player, with
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  • ...vioral or physical specifics of a race limit your character concept. This game encourages creativity, and some members of races deviate from their norm. The racial descriptions below give the game statistics for the different races of the setting.
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  • ...ifficult thanks to symptoms like pain, fever, nausea, and fatigue. In this game, illness quantifies the burden imposed by afflictions, regardless of their Any illness in this game will list the initial DL to resist, and could list one or more of the follo
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  • ...gacy, '''magic''' is the collective term for spells and magic items, their game effects and limitations, and the rules governing their use. ...izards, witches, magic-users, magicians, sorcerers, and warlocks. In this game, they are called ''mages''. Some examples of famous mages in history or fic
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  • I've never liked that in many pen-and-paper RPGs, as well as in games and stories of many kinds, one can tell the bad guys because of how hideou ...onality and Motivation, which can be found explained in detail in the Core Game Book.
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  • ...ually composed of luck, one's innate ability, and relevant experience. In game terms, it is composed of the following: ...f the player wanting to perform an action against another character in the game. Your result is compared to the result of a roll made by another player or
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  • ...w). A mage can add their score in this Attribute to their MP total. As the game progresses, a mage can further increase their MP total by purchasing the ''
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  • ...ld include a printed, bound rulebook, emblazoned dice bag, official set of game dice, etc. — nerds love shit like that — e.g. [ * Work out relationships with local game shops (I have two connections in NJ and one in NY I can leverage) to get or
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  • ...s]]). As opposed to "Taking 5", taking the best requires far more time. In game terms, your character keeps trying until the check is done perfectly. Usual
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