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Magic Trump

Expoint Cost: 3

Your song voice itself can shape and manipulate the flows of magic: this is the power of the spellsong. Spellsongs require no gesturing, and the incantation becomes more of an aria. Each time you purchase this trump, you can target an additional creature with the spellsong. If the spell has a target of self, additional targets must be allies. All spellsongs assume a distance of Near, even if the original spell states another distance.

Your targets must be able to hear you (deaf targets are immune and hearing impaired targets receive +4 on their saves). Likewise, creatures with the mindless condition are immune to the effects unless the spell is specifically targeted to that type of creature.

Your GM may restrict the spells which can be cast as songs, perhaps by spell essence or spell school (see Chapter 13: Magic). A list of spellsongs may be specific to the campaign setting in which the game takes place. At the very least, a list should include spells of a Compulsory, Illusory, or Perceptive essence.

Incompatible with

Mute and Speech Impediment


The Spellcasting special power, and your Casting Attribute must be Presence