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Spirit arts are the techniques which spirit artists perform to produce extraordinary effects. Performing any given spirit art may require a specific stance, a certain state of mind, or a precise chant.

Any character capable of performing spirit arts is free to acquire new ones as desired. The spirit arts listed in the next chapter each identify a rarity: the likelihood your character can locate and practice it. The knowledge necessary to perform a spirit art may come from a wrinkly old master's instruction, revelation from the powers that be, or exploring your very soul. The higher the rarity, the more outlandish quests your GM can throw your way to seek it. Regardless of the means of discovery, perfecting a spirit art requires arduous practice.

Like spells, spirit arts have a target: another creature, an area, an object, or oneself. Spirit arts which cause negative or unwanted effects permit the target to make a skill check to avoid them. Again, just like spells, this skill check is referred to as a save. Each spirit art in the next chapter identifies its associated save.