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New Powers

  • Carnivore – Doivarken have a mouth full of pointy, razor-sharp teeth. Their bite attack deals 2 Harm, takes 3 AP, and uses the Hand-to-hand skill.
  • Sunburn – Sunlight is poisonous to the nocturnal doivarken. If they're outdoors with any skin exposed while the sun is up, every minute they must make a Stamina check at DL 20 or move down the Knockout Track. Once unconscious, they gain the poisoned condition. Doivarki Sun Poisoning is considered a Level One poison, so they suffer 1 point of damage every round. The only antidote is darkness.
  • Telepathy – The doivarken speak without words. They can communicate using any language they know, directly to another intelligent creature's mind, at will, without any possibility of eavesdropping. This ability is limited to a range of 10 feet for every point of Psyche.
  • Land of the Blind – Doivarken permanently gain the blinded condition, which renders them immune to any effect that requires sight, such as Flare. Even though they lack eyes, doivarken can "see" perfectly well even in complete darkness by using their hearing, scent, and heat sensory systems.
  • Ravenous – If a doivarken feasts upon a living creature, it can consume its very life force. When it lands a bite attack and deals damage, it can heal its own HP for the same amount by spending 1 MP.
  • Chaos Made Flesh – Originally hailing from a swirling realm of pandemonium in the Deep Worlds, the doivarken can steel themselves from mutative magic. They receive a +2 bonus on Resilience checks.