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Fate: do we really need to spend a Fate point to exchange life for MP? Maybe it should just be automatic. If you are down on luck, at the end of a hard encounter. low on MP, you may be low on Fate too. That's when you need it. Yea? ―Blottonoir

Maybe we have a Trump that allows you to do it? I'm kind of against the idea of just a free exchange whenever the spellcaster wants.―Double Compile 22:35, 10 January 2011 (UTC)

1. Seems kind of a silly thing to spend your XP on though, don't you think?

2. What do you think about being able to use a Fate point to get more AP? Fate allows characters to do heroic things, but it only applies to being better or getting a second chance at one roll. What if you wanted to be able to REACH the villain and strike in the same round before the hostage was executed? What if your companions were all out for the count, and it was just you and bad guy, and you need two hits to take him down before you go down too? I think a Fate point could be used to get more AP, but maybe it isn't based on character AP. A Fate point (essentially one XP) should be worth X amount of AP. Yea?


1. I do see some tactical use in having it as a Trump; some players would rather use a high-risk playstyle with less MP but more HP and channeling, especially melee-type mages who don't cast as often. It carries enough innate risk that I don't see it being abused too easily. My main problem with it is that we already have the free effect as the Endurance casting attribute -- what would be a good replacement for that casting attribute's power?

2. I've been thinking about new Trumps and Special Powers that can give players more tactical options in combat -- abilities that aid low-MUS/low-Smash agility or cunning-based fighters to get through heavy armor are foremost on my mind, but mobility is only slightly behind that. I think a Quickness Special Power tree that allows players to put on bursts of speed to run or close with enemies, and maybe at the highest level allows Fate to be spent to increase AP for flurry attacks might be interesting. My issue with allowing Fate to just allow more actions (and I do see how often that would be useful) is that it stretches the idea of Fate a bit -- I like that it's a measure of the character's personal luck, and allows the player to RP a "lucky" character even when they themselves aren't beloved by the dice gods. Broadening Fate to allow essentially superhuman bursts of speed or adrenalin (i.e. Special Powers) makes it less interesting and more of an "everyone needs to be maxed out on Fate at all times for boss fights" way to spend points.