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New Powers

  • Lucky Stiff – Firnoy have supernatural good luck. A firna can spend 2 MP to add a +1 bonus to any roll. This takes no AP to perform.
  • Tall Tail – Firnoy have a prehensile tail, which is as long as they are tall. It's just as strong as either of their arms, and can even hold a weapon. Actions performed using a firna's tail take the same penalties as their non-dominant hand.
  • Counterweight – A long tail grants a firna excellent balance. Firnoy receive a +2 bonus to Gymnastics when balance is involved.

Societal Powers. Choose one of the following.

  • Inquiring Minds – Firnoy are naturally curious. Their nosiness and prying nature grants them a little more bravery than most. They receive a +2 bonus to Guts checks.
  • Busy Hands – Analytical minds and speedy fingers make finoy competent machinists, saboteurs, escapists, and shoplifters. They receive a +1 bonus to both Thievery and Machinery.
  • Wonder Chef – It's hard to be a bad cook in a society that adores food. Firnoy receive a +2 bonus to Craft checks related to making food, beverages, utensils, and cookware.