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Proposed New Trumps

Just a few, to get the juices flowing and address some combat issues.

Create an Opening (Combat Trump, 10): Successful Feint bonuses may be spent to boost Damage rather than Attack rolls. Requires CUN or AGI of 7.

Find the Gap (Combat Trump, 10): Called Shot Attack rolls that succeed may apply the difference of the roll as bonus Damage. Requires CUN or AGI of 7.

And a Fault I've been tinkering with...

Overeducated (Mental, ?): Spent too much time in the company of know-it-alls. Lacking in street smarts (-1 to Sneak and Taunt) and has to make a Virtue roll (DL 15) to resist correcting anyone any time they're not fully correct about any piece of factual information. This may provoke a number of possible responses from those corrected, but rarely a favorable one.

I'd also like to suggest that we move "Sixth Sense" from Mental to Supernatural Trumps.

Tinscarecrow 20:46, 28 August 2013 (EDT)