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New Powers

  • Nocturnal – As beings of the natural world and friends to the moons and stars, vidari can see clearly if above-ground at night. They are just as blind in the dark as men while indoors and underground.
  • Vidari Cunning – Big doe eyes and long ears have their advantages. The vidari have powerful vision and hearing, receiving a +4 to Perception checks using these senses.

Origin Powers: Choose one of the following.

  • Well of Life – In the distant past, vidari from the island nation of Ardeste waged war on the Empire of Everliving. To this day, Ardeste vidari receive a +2 bonus to Mettle.
  • Sylvan Bounty – Vidari from the lush forests of Gartania are experts at wilderness craft. They receive a +2 bonus to Search to gather food, water, or resources in the wilderness, and they can do so moving at their full Speed.

Societal Powers: Choose one of the following.

  • The Talent – Vidari excel at all manner of performing arts. It's uncommon to find one who doesn't sing, dance, act, or play an instrument. They receive a +2 bonus to Perform.
  • Sweet Emotion – Vidari possess a supernatural insight into the well-being of their loved ones at a distance. They receive a +2 bonus to Clairvoyance checks involving emotive transmission.
  • Well Read – With a staggering lifespan, vidari are capable of collecting a vast wealth of knowledge, and recalling it with ease. They receive a +2 to Lore checks.