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  1. The new Trumps/Faults look good. See my comments on Medic and Scrawny. Great work on naming them. How much did you cut up Trumps and Faults? Anything of note or difficulty?


  1. New Illusion Spell: Nightmares. Do it. Do it.
  2. I looked over the new spells. I love Lock. (are you just saying you love Lock?) Unbuckle seems superfluous in the wake of Lock and Disrobe. I kind of like the term "Strip" instead of disrobe. Disrobe has most of it's usage in phrases like "she disrobed," not "he disrobed her." Plus, I think strip brings to mind more of an adversarial mindset, like one would be stripping something from someone's hands or person. This is what I mean with Unbuckle. Why would someone need it when they have this disrobing spell? I say get rid of unbuckle and beef up disrobe and lock.
  3. Tainted damage box on the character sheet?
  4. In preparation for my campaign, I started messing around with the Monsters section and added sections for Monsters and NPCs on my Otherworld page. I encountered some problems with designing monsters. You can see my programming limitations on the Behemoth entry. What about Monsters with more than one kind of attack? What about Parry? I think the abilities section should be under the statistics section, with the description under that.
  5. Commission illustrations of and standardize described characters used in examples (Akare, Elik, etc.)
  6. Use these characters in the quick start rules.

Magic Items

  • Contingent Jump should be an item! The classic medallion cut in half, return to its mate, etc.
  • Corrupt should be an item. The One Ring.

Final To-dos

  • Sound-based marionette
  • Better banshee spell
  • Blood boil/freeze spell
  • Trap spells
  • Craft DLs for traps
  • Garden all races content
  • Adjust all races' powers
  • Garden all skills content
  • Add Binding write-up to book appendix


  • Remove anti-venoms from the healing kit