Dmitry Nightfang

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Dmitry Nightfand
Born: Age of Greatness, 789 Irsayle
Residence: None
Nationality: Irsayle
Ethnicity: Dhampir
Occupation: Knight
Organization: Exalted Shepherds, Sensational Seven
Known For: Founder of Exalted Shepherds
Style: Greatsword
Height: 6′1″
Weight: 180lbs.
Alignment: Religious 5, Altruism 4
Personality: Fair, private, humble

Dmitry Nightfang is the founder and current leader of the Exalted Shepherds. He is a Dhampir and is overwhelmingly powerful.


Dmitry was born a very, very long time ago to Empress Larva Duldac when she impregnated one of her enslaved hand maidens through cruel and unnatural magic. Dmitry was a pawn of her vile magic for nine hundred years. One day when he led a unit of her dead soldiers to lay waste to a human town, in his dying breaths, a powerful sorcerer dispelled the magic about him. Dmitry soon saw the horrible atrocities of his mother's ways and rebelled against her, leaving the empire. He struggled for a long time to control the urges instilled in his dark blood.

He created the Exalted Shepherds in the year 1824 of the Age of Greatness. According to legend, after long searching he finally met with a vision of Alnarya herself and she bestowed upon him the knowledge to control his dark blood in exchange for doing her work in the world and defending those who are helpless. She guided him to three other powerful warriors, whose names and powers are lost to time.

He began to combat the forces of his mother and the vile followers of Selragh. He joined the forces of the Vidari in 4178 in the Age of Greatness to conquer the Empire of Everliving. After the war, and his mother was imprisoned, Dmitry swore he would not rest until he finished the job that the Vidari army started: to make the race of vampires extinct. His vampiric powers, the darker of which he never used, brought great power to his combat abilities.

He lived to witness many events and continuously honed his skill in the sword.

Dmitry met up with a lycanthropic martial artist named Yuri Winterstorm who was hired by one of his clients to aid him in clearing out an infestation of undead underneath a Britavyan city. His secretive and stoic nature made trust a difficult task for Yuri, but her kindness towards Dmitry was such that he had never seen before. After a fortnight of cooperation, the two became trusted comrades, if not friends. After several months of working together, the two split ways to pursue individual callings.

After nearly four years, Yuri sent word for Dmitry’s help and he responded without hesitation and came to her aide as quickly as his horse could carry him. His presence slightly unnerved Yuri’s new companions, two knights – Gabriel Brightsoul and Relahnia Dragonblood, and a minstrel – Shaolynn Rhapsody. After he displayed his dedication to Yuri, he was accepted with open arms into the group.

These five went on to execute several tasks around the world. They collaborated with the Congress Arcanum briefly during a series of skirmishes with the Order of the Twilight Adepts. This collaboration saw the cooperation of the group with two individuals close to the archmage Her Honor Joset Therald, Sebastian Trueheart, a skilled and cunning bounty hunter, and Maou Diamondstar, a mysterious and rough fighter mage. Sebastian fell in well with the group and gained many allies, but Maou proved to be too arrogant to make much of a trusted friend. Despite this, his skill in combat and arcane arts is unquestioned, and his presence is usually welcomed by the others.

Dmitry follows the call of Alnarya to right wrongs around the world.


Dmitry's closest friend is Yuri, to whom he relates because of their unnatural heritage. He questions if she feels a romantic attration towards him, but his inner struggle of light against dark keeps him from being intimate with anyone. He only takes orders from Relahnia, who has saved his life on more than one occasion. Shaolynn always has a kind word and a smile for Dmitry, and he is as pleasant to her as he is to anyone. Gabriel does not trust him because of the undead blood floating through his veins, but Dmitry maintains a civil acquaintanceship with him. Sebastian feels a connection to Dmitry despite Dmitry's withdrawn attitude. Maou seems to suspect the power within Dmitry, but has said nothing as of yet. The two maintain an odd friendship – Maou's intentions are never clear, and Dmitry has always kept his thoughts to himself.


Dmitry has pallid white skin, sharp fingernails, and sharp canines. He doesn't open his mouth very much when he speaks to bring less attention to this third trait. He is quiet because of it, and appears to the others as stoic, collected, and calm. Dmitry is in great physical condition, and his build hides a great strength. His hair is dark brown. He wears a heavy black cloak and grey armor. He wields a very long greatsword named Requiem whose properties in combat against undead are extremely helpful.


Dmitry is never rash, but very cunning, and always sizes up his opponent before he strikes. Dmitry is very truthful to the extent of being blunt. Dmitry never accepts work that would further the cause of evil beings – specifically the undead. His inner struggle of the goodness in his heart and the evil in his blood causes him much grief, and it prevents intimacy with anyone. If he is capable of love, he loves Yuri as his closest friend, and if his situation in life were different, perhaps more.