Awaken Automaton

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This spell has a stygian essence
This is a all ritual
Target Object
Ritual Points 75
RequirementsWealth, Mana

An obedient, durable servant that excels in combat is a desirable thing indeed. Through the power of the Binding Ritual, the mage junctions an elemental to a lifeless object, and in doing so gives rise to a new fabricated creature. Each different kind of elemental produces a unique type of fabrication.

Element Fabricated
Fire Crucible Golem
Ice Arctic Golem
Earth Stone Golem
Air Fiber Golem
Water Steam Golem
Electricity Flesh Golem
Element Fabricated
Metal Iron Golem
Slime Toxic Golem
Dark Obscura
Light Astra
Verdance Ent
Ruin Decay Golem

The fabricated creature which arises from this ritual are intelligent, can follow orders, and some are capable of speech. In all cases, they have a disposition of enamored toward their creators. Each one has a vastly different array of abilities (See Appendix II: Creatures for more information).

These automatons infused with the power of an elemental obey very specific laws of magic. Each one has at its disposal an assortment of spells, and it can only replenish its MP by way of its master refueling them, so to speak.

The ritual requires at least 20 Ritual Points worth of Wealth, and in addition, at least 15 MP worth of mana to provide the automaton. The junction is permanent until the creature is destroyed, at which time the elemental is released.