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This spell has a unknown essence
This is a charm spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Self
Distance Self
Lasts 2 rounds per spell rank

This spell takes damage that the mage takes and directs a small portion of it back at the attacker. Note that this spell does not protect the mage in any way from damage. If the enemy does not deal sufficient damage to the mage, the portion is still directed back on the attacker (e.g. If Rorik takes 4 damage from a dagger thrust from Edgar, and Rorik is under the effect of an Intensity 2 backlash, Rorik takes 4 damage and Edgar 4 four damage).

Intensity Effects

  1. 1 damage
  2. 5 damage
  3. 10 damage
  4. 15 damage
  5. 20 damage