Control Current

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This spell has a dynamic essence
This is a electricity spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Object (electricity)
Distance Near
Lasts Two rounds per school rank

The mage calls upon the spirit of lightning to guide a live electrical current. A current can be rerouted to the ground or to a conductive object (like a person wearing a suit of armor). The mage chooses the source of the electrical current, and then wills it to be redirected to a target. The mage can also use this spell to cause a magical break in an electrical circuit. The kind of power that can be redirected is dependent on the Intensity.

Intensity Effects

  1. A simple source of power, like a doorknob with static electrical build-up, or a small battery. Targets will take no damage (Great for practical jokes).
  2. Simple power like what could be found in a large battery or small voltage device. (+5 to Spell Attack)
  3. Average power, such as what might be found in household wiring. (+10 to Spell Attack)
  4. Industrial cabling, containing voltage that could possibly kill a human. Living targets must make an Endurance + Vitality save or take damage (+20 to Spell Attack).
  5. The mage can choose where a bolt of lightning strikes. There must be an active storm in the sky for this to work. Living targets must make an Endurance + Vitality save or take damage (+30 to spell attack).