Control Plants

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This spell has a compulsory essence
This is a verdance spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Object (plant)
Distance Medium
Lasts One minute per school rank
SaveMind Control

The mage wills other plants to lend their aid in the form of movement, entanglement, and the like. The plants understand simple instructions like "Crush anyone that passes", "Grab the man!", "Throw me that way!", or "Pull me up there." Plants cannot move past what their rooting allows, however, they can uproot themselves and fall over if the mage so wishes. The type and number of plants affected is dependent on the Intensity.

Intensity Effects

  1. Vines, grasses, and wheat are all at your disposal
  2. Brush, crops, and bushes come to your aid
  3. Small trees carry out your will
  4. Large trees smash your foes or sling you about
  5. Immense trees are your personal guard. Intensity 5 acts as a Dominate for plant creatures, including Treants. See the Dominate spell for information about its limits.