Eternal Fire

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This spell has a illusory essence
This is a fire spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Object (flammable)
Distance Near
Lasts Permanent

The mage calls upon the spirit of fire to create an illusory ever-burning flame, one that consumes no oxygen and gives off no heat, just simply flickering firelight. Burning torches in dungeons are prime examples of Eternal Fire spells. This spell requires an object on which to cast the flame – one that would normally be required for a mundane fire (for instance, a candle, a torch, etc.) This fire lasts until Counterspelled.

Intensity Effects

  1. Create a candle-sized flame
  2. Create a torch-sized flame
  3. Create a small cooking fire-sized flame
  4. Create a campfire-sized flame
  5. Create a bonfire-sized flame