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This spell has a perceptive essence
This is a light spell
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Self
Distance Self
Lasts One round per spell rank

To the mage, magic items and effects stand out with a glittery blue glow. The mage cannot see further than his or her normal sight distance. The amount of information the mage can divine from a magic aura is dependent on the Intensity. If a creature or an item has multiple auras due to several active spells, the mage can only identify one per round, but can determine the total number of auras upon first sight. The mage can even see auras on invisible things, so long as the spell is cast at the same Intensity as the Invisibility spell.

Intensity Effects

  1. Magic items and people under magical effects glow blue
  2. The mage can identify the Intensity
  3. The mage can also identify the spell name
  4. The mage can also identify the skill ranks the caster had in the spell
  5. The mage can also identify the signature of the caster