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A beam of light shot from the end of the sorcerer's crooked wand and struck Grek with a thud. It was the strangest sensation; he could feel the spell trying to shape his body like clay. With a grimace of effort, Grek flexed his scaly muscles and broke free of the vile magic — he liked his body just the way it was.

Self-Control represents a character's spiritual discipline.

If someone loses control of themselves, they usually end up in trouble. Self-Control may be called on when a character is taunted, presented with temptation, or are trying to "put the gun down." It also aids in resisting supernatural compulsion such as mind control, teleportation, or being turned into a pig.

A character with a low Self-Control score is unable to resist temptation: easily persuaded, addicted, angered, or dominated. A character with a high Self-Control score is a moral powerhouse: calm, behaved, steadfast, and restrained.

Popular self control gurus include anyone who walks on hot coals for fun, ascetics, marital artists, and Ma'at.