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The city of Spire sits nestled in a valley in the Dusk Hills. The city itself surrounds its central feature: an amazingly tall tower called the Citadel. The Citadel has never fallen, though the city itself has fallen at least twice before.


The city of Spire has had its share of catastrophe. The city has been destroyed twice, once by Runite forces and again by a massive explosion emanating from the pinnacle of the Spire itself and laying waste to the entire town (save the Spire). Those witnessing the explosion from afar said it looked as if something massive blew the city up and out, and then suddenly everything was sucked back in and disappeared. When curious onlookers went to investigate, they said there were no traces left of the city even having been there, yet the Spire was unharmed. Empty, but unharmed.

The people returned to Spire eventually, though they felt as if the city was cursed. They began the task of rebuilding, and Spire has been tragedy-free (at least on the large scale) for many years. The city is thriving, due mostly to an organization of magi known as the Bonded Guild who have made their home there and come to rule the city.

During this period of rebuilding, a newcomer to Spire brought with her Kite hatch-lings from the mountains to the South. She began to breed the animals, which took to roosting on the Spire, much to the frustration of the magi there. The Bondsmaster at the time began to harbor an affection for the creatures, and respected the potential they held. He dreamed of an army of airborne soldiers mounted on vicious creatures which cut through the canyons of the Dusk Hills. He secured the services of the breeder-woman and since that time, Spire has become one of the few places on Jaeis where the ill-tempered beasts are tamed and trained. Make no mistake: there are a lot of the things there. One of the most profitable (though dangerous) trades in Spire is the breeding of Kites.


(Spirans) The custom in Spire is that when a young man or woman comes of age, they are given a flat gemstone which they use to adorn their brows. The setting for these stones is actually seared into their foreheads during a ritual called an "Avowal". During their life, a Spirenese man or woman may be gifted with more gems to adorn their brow, and each has a specific identifier marking the human's marital status and area of profession (merchant, craftsperson, land-owner, soldier, etc). Sometimes a family symbol is carved into or under-layed in the gemstone. Spirenese men and women keep their hair cut short, the better to deal with the winds that cut across the Dusk Hills and to show off their brow. The Spirenese possess almond skin and large, striking eyes of azure and grey. Hair of sandy browns, blondes and pale straw is common. Spirans dress in tight-fitting, simple, yet fine, clothes with little ornamentation.

The Bonded Guild

The Bonded Guild is an organization of magi which own and rule the city of Spire. They are contracted mages, and rent out sanctioned members of their order for large sums of money. Since magic is a force which is both prevalent and accepted in Spire, the people of the city are tolerant and understanding when it comes to magic.

Notable Persons