Spawn Undead

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This spell has a stygian essence
This is a all ritual
Target Creature
Ritual Points 75
RequirementsWealth, Mana

Spawning undead is considered a taboo practice nearly everywhere. Through the power of the Binding Ritual, the mage junctions an elemental to a humanoid body. Each different kind of elemental produces a unique type of undead.

Element Undead
Fire Flame Wraith
Ice Wendigo
Earth Soiled
Air Scavenger
Water Draug
Electricity Fulgore
Element Undead
Metal Flayed
Slime Crypt Weaver
Dark Vampire
Light Guardian
Verdance Deathless
Ruin Mummy

The undead which arise from this ritual are intelligent and capable of speech. In most cases, the creature has a malign disposition to the ones that summoned it; it will generally leave them alone unless provoked. To anyone else, the creature has a hostile disposition, and will seek out the living to consume their life force. The only exceptions to this are Guardians and Deathless (See Appendix II: Creatures for more information).

Undead infused with the power of an elemental obey very specific laws of magic. Each one has at its disposal an assortment of spells, and it replenishes its MP by taking them from the living. These creatures are repelled only when presented with the symbol of an Immortal whose associated element is opposite their own. For instance, vampires are repelled by a symbol of Loelir the Lady of Light.

The junction is permanent until the creature is destroyed, at which time the elemental is released.