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We publish games and related content which allows our community to have fun by immersing themselves in story. Through our works, our community can collaborate and build relationships. We provide the resources necessary for enthusiasts to bring their ideas to life.


Never Say Die Games will be recognized for the continual release of innovative and compelling story-telling and gaming materials. We will captivate new and numerous players, artists, and bibliophiles to further the needs of our community. Ours will be a platform which will catapult the creative endeavors of those like us.


Preserving the integrity of Never Say Die Games means doing everything we can to stay true to our original aims and structure. This also means we must work hard to enable this company to endure. Furthermore, we pledge to hold fast to moral and ethical principles. Finally we must ensure that our works are of the highest caliber possible.
In order to produce the best work possible, the ability to draw on the talents of others is key. Our company was started as a collaborative effort, and we encourage the free exchange of ideas and experience in a cooperative and constructive manner. It's our hope that through the enjoyment of our games, players forge lasting bonds of friendship, and through teamwork that the employees of our company are not just cogs in a machine, but comrades.
Our company was started because we enjoy harnessing our inspiration to craft new works; we wanted to enable ourselves and others to have fun in creative ways. We encourage and delight in new ideas, or new applications of old ideas. Internally, we solve our own challenges creatively, and seek to have every member of our team express ideas often and unreservedly. We look to our team and the community for fresh ideas and creative ways to enjoy what we produce.
"Keep it Fun"
For us, playing and producing games and stories is a blast. Our real intent is to allow our community to have fun using the resources we provide. The worst thing we can imagine is a work environment that is rigid and stuffy that produces games that are boring, inflexible, and overly complex. We will remember that the whole point of gaming and story-telling is to relax and enjoy oneself, and will operate with that in mind.
It is of the utmost importance to foster an environment of tolerance and welcome within our organization. The spirit of Never Say Die Games is one of encouragement for others' endeavors and safety and wellness for the members of our community. The door to our world will always remain open for prospective enthusiasts. The black arts of elitism and cruelty will be stamped out if ever they are found within our community.