Elemental Onslaught

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This spell has a dynamic essence
This spell can be powered by any element
Rarity 4
AP 6
Target Area
Distance Far
Lasts N/A
SaveGuard Roll

The mage invokes a violent surge of elemental power that explodes with a concussive force. The energy of the spell resembles the element in question: water and acid falling from the sky, an iceberg or meteor smashing the ground, columns of flame or a spray of bullets erupting from the ground, a swirling whirlwind, or streaks of lightning. The spell affects an area of 5 feet in radius for every spell rank. The mage makes an Attack Roll using the Magic weapon skill. Creatures within this area a chance to Dodge, but cannot Parry (without the Spell Swat trump). Half of the damage dealt by this spell is impact. The other half of the damage is of the specific element (if a creature is immune to damage by that element, it's still subject to the other half).

A mage can cast this spell using any of the listed elements, but must buy Elemental Skill ranks in each. Every elemental school has a nickname for this spell.

This is a fire spell Firestorm This is a ice spell Blizzard This is a earth spell Landslide
This is a air spell Twister This is a slime spell Dissolve This is a metal spell Bullet Storm
This is a electricity spell Thunderstorm This is a water spell Deluge This is a verdance spell Sonic Boom
This is a ruin spell Downfall This is a light spell Solar Flare This is a dark spell Eclipse

Intensity Effects

  1. +10 Spell Hurt
  2. +15 Spell Hurt
  3. +20 Spell Hurt
  4. +25 Spell Hurt
  5. +30 Spell Hurt