Attack Roll

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An Attack Roll is the main way to deal damage to an opponent in combat: is game terms, your character smacks them with whatever weapon he or she is carrying.

Attack Roll
d10 + CUN + Weapon skill

Instead of your weapon, you can also use Spells to deal out damage using a separate Spell Attack roll.

You can at times apply miscellaneous bonuses to your attack roll:

  • If you or an ally uses the Inspirational trump
  • If you perform a successful Feint
  • If you Charge, you can add +2
  • The Momentum trump adds +4 instead of +2 for charging
  • Trumps like Brawler and Duelist both add +2 in different circumstances

There are also several spells that grant a bonus to your Attack Roll.

A Called Shot imposes a penalty on the attack roll.