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Combat Fault

Expoint Bonus: 4

You may defend yourself or another who is threatened by immediate physical harm, but you fight only to incapacitate, never to kill and will only fight so long as your opponents do not relent. At the commencement of any combat situation, you must make a Sanity check against a DL of 15; otherwise, you must spend the first two rounds of combat attempting to persuade your attacker(s) to avoid bloodshed. During those two rounds, you may only perform defensive maneuvers or attempt to influence the combatants through socializing. It should be stated that convicted Pacifists usually won't let their comrades harm enemies unnecessarily, but Pacifists of a more private nature are simply concerned with their own actions.

A Pacifist can be trained in combat and thus learn Combat Trumps, although he will never use them to kill. It is possible in this way to create a character that has both extensive combat training and is an extreme Pacifist. This could be a great warrior who has forsaken the way of weapons and now lives only for peace, and is a fine, if challenging, character idea.

Goes well with Bodyguard, Missile Swat, and especially with Artful Dodger, since the opponent is actually hurting himself.

Incompatible with

Backstabber, Bully, Chaos Knight, Counterattack, Destructive, Domino Strike, Driven, Real Hard Hitter, Sadist, and Vengeful.